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A1 Dental offers Prosthodontics, a specialized set of dental care procedures that involve the evaluation and planning of cosmetic treatments that may be applicable to the patient’s teeth structure. These dental cosmetic treatments are restorative in nature and are purposely administered to repair damaged teeth or crowns.

Our dentists at the clinic are extensively experienced, educated and certified to provide services such as:


A1 Dental offers restorative services for patients in need of dentures or “false teeth”. Dentures will fill the gaps in your smile and give you back your confidence.

We offer these options for Dentures:

  • Complete Dentures or Full Dentures for a complete set of teeth
  • Partial Dentures, an alternative to bridges; such option is ideal if you only have a few teeth missing from the top or bottom rows, but your remaining teeth are still healthy.

Dentures are removable and will be attached to your mouth or existing teeth with clasps.

Crowns or Dental Caps

Restorative treatments involving Crowns or Dental Caps will give you back your smile. Crowns are usually made of porcelain but there are other materials available depending on the patient’s request. Your dentist will recommend setting up crowns for you if your tooth has been damaged or shows signs of cracking.

Crowns will prevent the tooth from further decay and will restore the natural structure of the tooth thus restoring the original symmetry to your smile.


When there is a need to replace missing tooth/teeth, Bridges are usually recommended to you by your dentist. Bridges will patch the gaps in between teeth. The procedure involves mounting bridges or artificial teeth which will be supported by crowns on either side.

In a specialized procedure, the crowns or individual tooth will be firmly affixed on existing teeth to hold the bridge in position.

After your dental procedure, your dentist will instruct you on how to properly care for your dentures, crowns and bridges. Even though the procedures did restore your winning smile, it is still important to build a habit of brushing and flossing as necessary.

We invite you to set an appointment for an evaluation. We can check your teeth if Prosthodontic procedures are applicable to your situation. Please call 760-962-8585.

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