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Root Canal Therapy or Endodontic Treatment

Root Canals are part of every tooth structure. Each tooth can have one to four root canals where pulp containing nerves and blood vessels pass through. This is where oxygen is vertically carried from the root of your tooth to its tip – thus keeping your teeth healthy.

Several cases of dental problems can be traced to infected pulps. When the infection is not treated, it could spread to the roots, usually indicated by pain and sensitivity. In worse cases, the infection may spread and lead to abscess – and ultimately even more pain and swelling.

Before the Root Canal Treatment was accepted in dental practice, the only way to treat such infections was by extraction. Root Canal Therapy involves finding and treating the infected area in the tooth. It is a way to save the tooth from further damage and inevitable extraction.

Root Canal Treatments may involve sedation options to reduce the pain during the procedure. Rest assured that A1 Dental has the equipment and the dental staff to professionally carry out the therapy with minimal discomfort on the patient.

Treatments for Cracked Teeth

Cracks in your teeth may be less obvious than you think. Oftentimes they are left unnoticed and could cause health complications. One way to know if you have cracks in your teeth is to get a dental x-ray. However, these tell-tale signs may also mean that you have a crack in one of your teeth and need to get dental attention as soon as possible:

  • Painful sensation when eating or chewing
  • Unexplainable pain that throbs and has no clear indication of pain source
  • Extreme sensitivity to warm foods
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold foods

When possible, your dentist will try to restore your original tooth and treat the cracks as needed. However, when the tooth has already decayed and can no longer be treated, extraction is the last resort.

If you are interested to know more about Endodontics and related treatments, please call 760-962-8585 to speak to the A1 Dental staff.

We are here more than just to provide you with dental care. You can also get valuable advice and resources about your options for endodontic dental treatment and best practices for oral care.

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