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Cleanings & Preventive Care

It is important that you work with your dentist in maintaining your oral health. Your chances of having strong, healthy teeth for life is increased when you visit your dentist regularly and follow the preventive care regimen you have been instructed with.

Regular check-ups by your dentist will also ensure that you get immediate care in case dental diseases or conditions are discovered. The sooner any onset or progressing dental health issues are discovered the easier it is to treat. This increases the possibility of effective dental treatments because the disease has not fully developed yet.

A1 Dental has compiled the following information to help you understand just how important dental preventive care is and that visits to your dentists twice a year should not be missed.

Dental Habits at Home

Caring for your pearly whites means you have to form the habit of brushing after meals and regularly flossing to remove tiny food debris stuck in between your teeth. Normally, your dentist would recommend brushing your teeth three times a day. Flossing on the other hand can be done twice daily.

Further, you can prevent bacteria from building up by using mouth rinses or mouth wash. Mouth wash doesn’t only rinse away bacteria but it also reduces bad breath and prevents cavities or plaque from forming. Oftentimes, your dentist will advise you to use mouthwash after brushing.

To complete the full-mouth cleaning at home, you can use a tongue cleaner to scrape off the food particles that may not have been removed after brushing. Tongue cleaners are specially contoured to the shape of your tongue to prevent you from ingesting fungi or bacteria that may have formed in your mouth. It can also reduce bad breath when used regularly.

Regular Visits to your Dentist for Dental Exams

Mark your calendars and go see your dentist at least twice in a given year. If you already have great dental health, it is still important to maintain that healthy state. Your sparkling smile is a sign that you are in the pink of health!

Dental check up will cover:

Oral Cancer Exams

Checking for signs of oral cancer in your lips, mouth, salivary glands, tongue, gums, throat and face; examining for red patches and sores, hardened white or gray lesions (leukoplakia) and lumps that may have formed in your mouth area

Dental X-Rays

Full mouth x-rays to check for cysts, bone deterioration in your jaws and teeth, tumors, tooth decay, root positions, gum line problems, developmental abnormalities

Fluoride Treatment

Strengthening your teeth through topical fluoride and systemic fluoride to remedy irregular oral hygiene habits, too much to too little exposure to fluoride, dental decay, etc.

Schedule your dental check up at A1 Dental. Visiting us regularly will prevent costly dental treatments in the future. Taking care of your teeth now is the best way to maintain that winning smile!

To set an appointment for wisdom tooth/teeth extraction, dental check or fluoride treatment, please call 760-962-8585. We will confirm your requested schedule as soon as possible.

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