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Pediatric Dentistry

It is a common notion for children to avoid their dental appointments. Parents have a hard time convincing their child that dental check-ups should not be missed. Our clinic understands that the idea of painful dental procedures and the oddly shaped equipment used by the dentists are not appealing to kids. However, we continue to innovate and acquire equipment that reduces the child’s anxiety with their dental appointments.

We make dental check-ups fun!

A child’s dental check up will cover overall oral health and hygiene. At an early age, children need to be educated to take care of their teeth. We encourage them to maintain a calcium rich diet and develop a habit of brushing teeth after meals.

During check-ups we monitor the growth of the child’s teeth and will anticipate dental problems like uneven growth after the milk teeth fall out. When these problems are detected early, the dentist can provide preventive care or immediate interventions before the dental problem takes shape.

Your child’s very first dental check

As soon as you notice child’s first tooth emerging, you should schedule a dental appointment with A1 Dental. Generally, the baby teeth will start to show from 6 to 18 months.

During the first check, the dentist will coach you on oral hygiene for breast feeding babies or bottle feeding babies. Even though the infant does not consume solid food yet, there is still a chance that milk residue will crowd in between teeth and cause plaque to form.

If the infant has stained teeth, your dentist could recommend a cleaning session and may apply topical fluoride.

At A1 Dental, we want your child to look forward to their dental check-ups. Talk to our dentists and learn how you can help maintain healthy teeth care practices for your child and yourself.

Great dental health can be passed on from parent to child so it is important that you maintain regular brushing and flossing regimens for your child to follow suit.

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