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Walk-in emergencies welcome For inquiries, please call: 760-962-8585
Dental Emergencies

A1 Dental can attend to various dental emergencies for patients at the clinic even when they don’t have a scheduled appointment. We provide prompt treatment for dental issues that involve extreme pain and bleeding.

For cases that fall under the following, you must go see your dentist immediately. Restoring your health in these situations will prevent infection or further health complications.

When your tooth gets knocked out from your mouth

When your tooth is abruptly removed from its position usually caused by a strong impact like a collision or as a result of violent behavior, you must retrieve the tooth and bring it to the dentist within 30 to 45 minutes. You must NOT touch the root part. It is still possible for your dentist to restore the unlatched tooth to its original socket.

On your way to the dentist, you must keep the tooth soaked in milk, saliva or water as it is important to prevent the tooth from drying out. Hopefully the inner mechanisms of your teeth are not severely damaged from the impact so that your dentist can still reattach the lost tooth. Otherwise, you may need root canal therapy and there is also a chance that the tooth may not be reimplanted.

Dropped Crown or tooth filling

This can be quite painful and must need the attention of your dentist ASAP. Crowns can get loosened when the tooth below it is crumbling or decaying. The crown may no longer fit well and tends to dislodge from its position causing it to drop or fall. To prevent the teeth from sustaining further damage you must see your dentist right away.

Cracked Teeth

Your teeth are made of the same material as your bones. If your bones could get fractures, so can your teeth.

If you notice a crack in your tooth, you must go see your dentist immediately. Cracked teeth can also be painful and when left untreated, could further disintegrate and may need extraction.

Please call A1 Dental at 760-962-8585 for further information about Dental Emergencies and what you need to do should you get in the situation.

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